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  • MT-110D Hatching egg grader packer machine

    MT-110D Hatching egg grader packer machine

    Hatching egg grading and packing machine for hatching egg or fresh egg, it can automatic grade egg then packing in one machine.

  • Egg Grading packing Machine

    Egg Grading packing Machine

    a) this machine can be connected with eggs central collection system or egg cleaning production line.
    b) it is grading by egg weight and pack automatically, while adjusting the bulk up, good to egg storage;
    c) Touch screen operation, can be set to different levels of weight, up to 6 classes.
    d) it is suitable for 6*5=30 paper trays or plastic trays
    e) you can choose automatic dispatch or manual dispatch

  • Electronic egg grading Machine

    Electronic egg grading Machine

    Egg electronic weighing grading machine, can be set at different levels of weight and statistics of the number of levels, touch screen operation and control, convenient and practical.